Galatians 2:20

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today...New! Aren't we thankful for the newness of each breaking day! Birds, such great early morning accountability as they faithfully break into song. They remind us that we too are to strike up our hearts with a Halleluja chorus to our Maker, Reedemer, and King! A day to fall limp into His arms because He has aked us to "Trust in Him with All of our heart" even though the next minute, the next second is unknown to us! A day to acknowledge that He is LORD and that our days "gift"  is packaged and wrapped with our goodness and His Glory in mind! Just as the dew settles fresh on the ground each morning, so does His Mercy and Grace blanket our lives! A day to rejoice in the finished work on the Cross, so that we may Not struggle to be free, but we Are free to live apart from the struggle!

Today...I woke up to the smell of pancakes this morning and I wasn't the one making them! :) Michael braved the griddle all in the name of love and blessing me! I'm not picking on him, it's just that the breakfast domain I think has always been assumed to be mine. He's a grill kind of guy, not a griddle man. He blessed me this morning! See honey, I knew you could do it! I now "crown" you the new Lewis breakfast chef ...breakfast in bed every morning will be just fine by the Lewis ladies! :)
Our morning has been a lazy one because we are away at the river...our new favorite get-a-way spot to retreat from the rat race of the world. It's quiet and peacful here! This momma got to jump in the shower without any small bathroom "company!" I was entertained though from the outside as I listened to what sounded like a heard of elephants running up and down the hallway. Michael and Lily were chasing each other and every step of Lily's was accompanied with a shrill of excitment...I think she lives to be chased and tickled by her daddy! Now, I'm blogging...something that has been on the to do list all summer! Where did it go? No, not my to do list because I always seem to have one of those, but the summer? I have to say, I think it has been one of the most eventful summers in our 11 years of marriag, including A LOT of "firsts!" We did the "grown-up" thing and bought our first house! Soo much to share and I just realized that I left my camera, so no downloading pictures in this post. To be honest, as much as I wanted to catch-up it's just too pretty outside and the river is calling my name along with my daughter! So for now, I'll just say hey to the blogger's good to be back! Check in with us very soon for lots of pictures of course! Happy NEW day!

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