Galatians 2:20

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day by Day...

Our sweet Laine developed reflux around 3 weeks, so the consistent sound in our house has been her painful cry for the past few weeks. To be a mom is to ache sometimes, huh!? Two days ago I developed mastitis and came down with flu like symptoms. Oh, how I wish I could say that I have welcomed both of these with joy, but there's probably been more frustration in my heart. Life is a constant journey though! Not that I always like it, but I will say that I'm desperate for God to rescue me from me in all things.

I can now say that I'm thankful for this sickness because it has made me rest and focus once again on what's most important...the Gospel and my moment by moment need for it!
I long for the attitude of my heart to be able to say with Mary..."Here I am your servant, do with me whatever you choose!" I praise God that He promises that we will be made complete bearing His image, the image of our holy, good, and delightful Savior! And as a result we are more like Him today than yesterday, and even more so in two days and on and on!

Lily was so precious the other day. When we were in the car, I asked her where Jesus was. She said, "In the sky!" I then told her that He was everywhere! She then said, "Mommy, I know, He never lets us go!" Thank you Lord for speaking through my daughter, being ever present in every season, and never letting me go!

Making Progress...

Now that we're back in a small town & the Lord has blessed us with a big yard of our own, we quickly realized that our sweet Lily Loo had a lot more "city" in her and needed to be taught how to be "county!" Ya know, digging in the dirt, catching bugs, climbing trees!

We realized we had our "work" cut out for us when we first moved. When we would tell her to go out and play, she would just stand in the yard, look around for a few minutes, and then want to come back in. Oh no, this had to change! Sooo....I called "PAPA 911," and placed an order for a bug box! I can now say, we are proud pet owner of a fuzzy caterpillar and a stink bug!

When we were out on Michael's parents plantation a few weeks ago, Lily turned to me with a dirty face, hair all a mess, sporting her hot pink boots, and with a big smile on her face said, "Momma, I'm a Cowgirl!!!" I guess you could say that was a "simple joy" moment!
From living in apartments and overlooking parking lots most of her life....we're making progress!

Calling up the horses!

Laine is a MONTH!