Galatians 2:20

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Growing & Grateful!

For all my begging belly's a little growth tracker of our sweet Laine! :)

14 Weeks!

18 Weeks!
22 Weeks!

Yes, we have a name! Not a middle, but at least a first...LAINE! It's the name we prayed for! We also found out that it was my great-grandmothers middle name, so that's kinda neat!

I actually don't remember Lily being quite as active as this sweet one is! She can literally take my breath away with some of her kicks and punches! It would be nice if we could give them a little "labeling" lesson on all the organs they're sharing space with, so they at least know the bladder is off limits! :) In the same breath, I say kick away sweet girl because I love feeling every move you make!

I've been able to share with a few of you our Laine praise! At our last dr. appointment we had an ultrasound and it showed that my placenta has moved up and is in the exact place it needs to be! I've been given permission to no longer be restricted on my activities! ALL praise to the ONE who is the giver and sustainer of Life! We were also blessed with a surprise free 4D ultrasound. We got to lay eyes on her precious face! Michael and I both looked at each other at the same time and said, "that looks like our little Lily!" She and her sister definitely both share the same button nose and chubby cheeks! There are truly no words, but to be left with a heart that is awe struck to be able to get a glimpse of God's masterpiece...and oh how we can't wait for Laine's perfectly knit self to be in our arms in less than 2 1/2 months!

The sweetest thing right now is to watch God grow Lily's little heart of love for her sister. Laine is usually the first person she wants to greet in the morning with her lips pressed against my belly yelling cocka-doodle-dooooooo!!! She makes us laugh so hard and then melts our hearts when she tells her, "you're my Laine and I love you sooooo much!" I can always count on my belly getting a good rub down several times a day from the sweetest 3 year old hands I know!

The Lessons from the Lord during this pregnancy journey have been spiritually stretching! I am incredibly grateful that God continues not to leave me the same! I have been reminded over and over again that circumstances are uncertain to man and can either be tightly anchored to happiness or JOY! In Philippians, Paul reminds us that our happiness will either be rocked by happenings or our JOY will be rooted in the ONE who orchestrates every happening for HIS ultimate glory! JOY is having QUIET CONFIDENT ASSURANCE of who God is, His love, and work in our lives whether we feel it or not.

The enemy loves to "blind" us with our present conditions, but God sees the grand picture! So whatever circumstance you find yourself in today, He is after strengthening your Faith and TRUST! Let me encourage you and leave you with a powerful acrostic for TRUST: To Rest Under Severe Testing or Trials! HE IS TRUSTWORTHY!!!


I almost can't remember a time when our sweet girl hasn't been kicking up her legs, twirling, and bowing in the the feminine ballerina way! Her feet are definitely "happy" and she can make a "stage" anywhere! We have officially put her in her 1st dance class. She is "eating it up," and I could in return "eat" her cuteness self up in her dance outfit!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kicking off Fall!

Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year! From the cool crisp air, smells, pumpkins, fall food, baking, craft sells, craft making, trees changing...I become one giddy girl with an extra pep in my step!! I was a little sad to have to delay some of our Fall fun due to our move being in the middle of October. So, guess what our first GA weekend called for...pumpkin patch picking and a little mum shopping! It didn't matter if our house wasn't completely settled, I just couldn't wait to add a little fall "welcome" to our front steps...makes for one happy momma!
We told Lily she was the official pumpkin picker outer! We told her she could pick out a big, medium, and small pumpkin. It didn't take her long to claim the big pumpkins! When it came to the small one, she definitely exceeded her limit and got a little "small pumpkin happy!"Thankful they were the super cheapos, so we ended up bringing home about 5 of the little guys! Our side steps are a little "pumpkified" this year and I love it!

Monday, November 7, 2011


...just feel like writing a little bit about everything now that we have an Internet connection again and have surfaced for "air"...or should I say from being buried 10 feet under in boxes! Oh is it a glorious feeling to be able to pull your clothes off a hanger in a closet as opposed to a suitcase or a box!
We are settled...
For those of you who don't know, the Lord has moved us from serving in a church in OK back to our home turf to serve on staff of our former college church in GEORGIA! Those of you who have faithfully prayed for us, we are so appreciative! We are BLESSED!
I've had some time to reflect back over the last month of transitioning and it has been medicine to the soul to be reminded of His sweetness and care in the smallest of details. It makes me want to testify, smile, rejoice, and simply rest knowing that God is always going before us. When our sight is limited to see the "now" His infinite wisdom, care, love, and goodness is already in the "next!" We have been taken great care of from the beginning. We were blessed to have movers. Friends have shared horror stories about their moving company experiences, so I was preparing myself to have to be a "momma hawk!" Instead, we ended up with a team of packers and movers who were the nicest and most thoughtful from the beginning to the end. So, I guess you could say this is also a little plug for North American Van Lines for anyone out there who may need a moving company in the future. Oh, and the best mover and packer I could have asked for was my mom! She came a week before the actual movers and served us well!
We prayed so much for Lily and her little transition! We knew the 17 hour car ride (or should we tack on a few hours for the prego lady stops) across 4 states could cause some "waters" to be tested! Can I tell you, she was definitely more of a trooper than all of us combined! We were blessed with sweet friends to think of her and bring her travel gifts the day we pulled out. One of the gifts was a set of four little dolls! Let's just say that the car ride proved that she doesn't lack an imagination or the ability to talk, talk, talk! Those little girls got a 17 hour ear full! Mom and I were blessed with the sweetest entertainment! She traveled beautifully!
One of our travel goals was to make it to Birmingham, AL by Saturday evening so we could worship with the church body at The Church at Brooks Hills on Sunday morning. It was incredibly refreshing to sit under David Platt as he always so faithfully divides the Word! He finished up a series out of 1 Timothy 6:17-19 titled The Gospel & Materialism in the first half of the service. The second half consisted of a special interview with a young girl by the name of Katie Davis who is a missionary in Uganda! She is 21 and has adopted 13 girls who she is now a mother to! Her testimony definitely sounds radical, but this is her response, "People tell me I am brave. People tell me I am strong. People tell me good job. Well here is the truth of it. I am really not that brave, I am not really that strong, and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am just doing what God called me to do as a follower of Him. Feed His sheep, do unto the least of His people." Check out her blog and be challenged to live obedient in the day to day things that God puts before
We were also sweetly surprised to run into several seminary friends. We were left fueled physically and spiritually to make that last leg into GA that afternoon!
We were able to have a few down days at my parents to rest up before the moving truck arrived.
Days later we found ourselves moving into our very first home! No, not ours, but a mission home that is owned by the church. The church is graciously allowing us to live here temporiarily until we can buy a house of our own. Despite it not being ours, the Lewis' are giddy and full of thankfulness! In our 10 years of marriage, the Lord has never allowed us to buy a home, because He forsaw the many transitions that would occur in our lives and bring us to this point. Our apartment kitchens in the past were deemed with the nickname a one "hiney" kitchen, so we are beyond thankful for the extra "hiney's that can now fit in our kitchen! We are loving all of our new space! I have to pause here and interject a quick story about Lily.
Just before we left OK, a friend of mine had Lily over one morning to play with her girls so I could tackle some of the packing. When I went to pick her up, Lily's friend Olivia had a huge scrape across her face. My friend Ashley proceeded to tell me that Olivia got her scratch from climbing trees in their backyard all morning as my little "girly girl" stood back and watched in amazement! It hit me at that moment that our overlooking "parking lot yard" apartments never provided opportunities for her to explore her adventurous side. Well, I am now thrilled to say that our sweet Lily has her pick of trees now in our backyard. Not that I would encourage her to become a tree climber, but we are just beyond excited that she now has a yard of her own. I can't keep shoes on this girl to save my life, so I'm sure the face scrape will be in the near future!
We are beyond grateful for this God-given home and have dedicated it to Him to use for His glory!
We are now in the midst of diving in and getting to know, love, and serve our new church family! More stories of His goodness and faithfulness to come...