Galatians 2:20

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BABY LEWIS IS A............!!!

A funny story...
Monday, the day before our Dr. appointment I was telling Lily that we were going to go to the Dr. for a special appointment.
ME: Lily, tomorrow the Dr. is going to look inside mommy's tummy and tell us if we are having a baby boy or girl.
LILY: So we get to see if it has a "tee-tee" or "wee-wee?"
ME: Yes, you're right!
LILY: Oh it has a "tee-tee!" (with such confidence)
ME: Well honey what if God wants to give us a baby boy?
LILY: No thank you, it's a girl! :)

Most people were saying, "You're definitely having a boy!" I guess when you hear something so much you start to believe it. So I have to say that I was the only one in the family that was a bit surprised. Michael kept saying it was another girl all along, and of course I guess Miss Lily had her mind made up that she was going to give it back if it was a boy!

We are thrilled that God has blessed us with another girl and sister! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost 5 Months & FAITHFUL!

When Michael was in seminary, I jumped in and took a few classes myself while we were awaiting the arrival of Lily.

I'll never forget an illustration my Old Testament professor shared. He said, "Life is like a horse and cart...the horse representing God and the cart representing man." We so often put the cart before the horse and get ahead of God. Meaning, when we are going down life's journey and hit a "bump" in the road (which is inevitable) with the cart leading, it will (we) always will hit the bump and spiral out of control and ditch every time! But if the horse (God) is leading, the cart will still feel the effects of the bumps, but the horse (God) will steady the cart every time and by Grace it will miss the ditch!

I share this because we have experienced a few "bumps" in the road with this pregnancy. I was told early on that there was a large amount of blood built up behind my placenta, which could cause me to miscarry. Later, around 14 weeks my ultrasound showed that my placenta was starting to tear away from the lining of my uterus, causing a greater alert for a possible miscarriage.

I simply share all of this so the Greatness of God is penned down and proclaimed! God IS GOOD in ALL HE does and He is also PURPOSEFUL in ALL HE permits! He promises in Romans 5 that if we are born again that we CAN "rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope will not disappoint us."
I am learning that it doesn't matter what the suffering or the circumstance label may be (big or small), but that the unified purpose is for my sanctification and Ultimately so that I may KNOW HIM more (Philipians 3:10)!

Let me be the first to say that I am the weak one and can't claim to be super spiritual in and of myself. Both times the news was shared, yes the tears flowed privately and my mind's first reaction was to spiral into anxiousness and worry. But the beauty is that it's in moments like these that my heart is gripped to remember that with every breath that I take, my greatest need is HIM! I am so thankful for His Grace to reveal my true heart and that it is always prone to wander. This truth profoundly reminds me that I am a weakling and He is All Powerful and Strong. I am powerless and He is SUPERIOR over ALL and SOVEREIGN in ALL! The Lord couldn't have allowed me to study the book of Colossians at more perfect time!

So I just paused for a moment to regain my thoughts. I have to admit that I've had to fight the flesh even in those few moments. My flesh said, "How silly of you to write about this and make it such a big deal, you should delete all you've just shared. Women around the world deal with alarming things in their pregnancy every day and some far greater than you have every experienced." But then the spirit whispers, "I care about the big & small, because it's about the work and transformation of your heart and for My Glory!"

I praise Him that His Word is True and the order in which He has designed things to work...WORKS! I have learned more deeply about the true defense weapon that PRAISE is after I had Lily. I struggled with some postpartum depression and simply wasn't motivated to read anything, but I did ask God for one verse to meditate on. He gave me Psalm 34:1 "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Daily I am reminded that God commands our praise whether the feelings are there or not! After meditating on the this truth for 3 years now it has changed me and has brought health to my soul! Why? Because when we give God praise it causes us to seek His face and be reminded that He alone can satisfy our hearts. Only then can our heart be aligned to Him to Trust Him! The beautiful result is that peace can once again reign!

So many of you have faithfully prayed for us and we are beyond grateful! I can honestly say this has been a sweet time of drawing closer to the Lord. He alone has kept my mind in perfect peace!

Just Tuesday we received the most recent results... GOD has mended my placenta and uterus...PTL!!! So I wanted to share some ultrasound pics of this sweet miracle baby so far!

Butter bean @ 6 weeks - heart rate 134

10 weeks and 2 days - heart rate 178
13 weeks 4 days - heart rate 166

17 weeks 3 days - heart rate 157

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!

We are So BLESSED to call this beautiful 3 year old our daughter! My heart is melted at the start of everyday by her sweet little face as she faithfully greets me EARLY every morning with a great big smile and some crazy hair (we are convinced that she has little "rat" friends that make her hair their nest at night)! She always taps me on the shoulder and says, "Mommy, the suns's a beautiful day!"(even though sometimes I wish my little sun/rooster alarm clock would snooze a little longer) Then in some sense my heart sometimes hurts to realize how fast she's growing and that she's only getting older.

Three is hard ya know! Realizing that she is no longer really seen as a toddler, and then for it to sink in that 3 is only a year away from from pre-K! Is it ok to say...I just don't like it! :) But in the same breathe I can truly say that every passing moment of watching her mature is only sweeter and funner than the one before! Oh how she makes me smile, because in her book everything is "wonderful" and "awesome"!

I am so thankful for the discipline she has brought to my life and how her little life is constantly pointing me to JESUS! She challenges me to make my time count in striving to obey Duet. 6! Realizing that 3 was the number I was saying just yesterday when she was 3 how time is fleeting!

We are so thankful to the Lord for giving her a tender heart for those who are hurt, sad, or sick. It blesses us every time we hear here tell them that she will pray for them, because Jesus will make it better! We are also thankful for her deep belly laughs that are simply medicine to the soul! Her dancing feet also keeps us smiling. She has become quite the professional twirler these days. We love how when she really gets into her dance routine, her eye close and she "gets in the zone!" She takes her dancing very serious! :)

This year we opted just to celebrate with our families. She asked my mom for a Strawberry Shortcake party and Michael's mom for a Dora be honest I think she fared better this way and her mommy loved the stress-free planning!

We ended up having a little mini party a day before her b-day in the Bahamas, so Michael could get in on the celebration before he had to fly back to OK.

Her second party was in Nashville at her Nonni and Papa's with an extended Strawberry Shortcake theme. Uncle Clint and Aunt Sarah gave her a singing princes card. She thought that was the coolest thing and had the song memorized by the next morning!

The third party for the 3 year old girl was at her Granny and Ooo-Ooo's! We laid down to take a nap after church and woke up to a completely transformed kitchen all decked out in Dora!

I documented all of her many faces of surprise and excitement as she took it all in!

Some of the youngest party guest! Lily loved loving on her new baby cousins, Lexi & Brycen!

We love you Birthday Girl!

Bahama Pictures Galore!

A mom who is already bad at making decisions + prego brain on top of that = stress free just to post almost all the pics! :)

Here's our little boating beauty! Lily has such an adventures heart. She loves to ride on the boat and "go faster!" We island hopped the first weekend we were there and came back to the condo with lots of treasures!

Lily struck it rich when she discovered that a coral rock on one of the islands was covered with snails. If they were in her reach they were pulled off...poor snails!
Okay so talk about adventures, let me also add absolutely NO fear to describe our little sweetness. Michael and I love to snorkel some of the reefs that are between a few of the islands. We geared up and jumped in not knowing that our three year old would be sailing off the boat right behind us into 30 feet of water!!! I'm telling you, I'm always having to keep a close watch on this girl. I thought, if she only knew that "Bruce" from Nemo was lurking in these waters she probably would have thought twice!
It's tradition to always find a starfish! The picture doesn't do it's beauty justice. They are such a brilliant red color.
Michael ended up finding two and this one was more of a mustard color. It was almost to heavy for Lily to hold.

Just call them "The Lobster Slayers!" Lobster season was in while we were there and our men definitely didn't let us down. We had our fill almost every night and even brought back 60!

Supervising the Lobster Slayers!

Lily loves the beach, but she always couldn't wait to get that "white snowy stuff" off her feet! :) The pool is where she spent most of her time.