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Friday, July 8, 2011

Yay for friends....

...who have pools! :) We have a community apartment pool, but it's just yucky this summer for some reason. To be honest, not the greatest of company either with the cleanest of mouths for little ears. So we are grateful God provided a more family friendly option. The Jeter's see us A LOT! If we have any free time, this is where we live!
Mid-June Lily started her First swim lessons at the YMCA. I was hoping she would make it into a class where I could just be a sideline cheerleader, because when I'm in the pool she usually likes to be REALLY close...LEACHED to my side! She gets squealing excited about the thought of being in the pool, but placing her faith in any will do!
We ended up having to be in a mommy-n-me program because she was 2 months shy of being 3 for the independent class. The class itself didn't end up being very instructional. It was more of a come and adjust to the water kind of class, so I was really curious about the progress she would make.

It ended up that we were blessed with a "teacher" who was a lot younger than I thought she would be! Yay for Maddie, a four year old that was way more advanced, but just ended up getting in the wrong class. Lily ended up watching her like a hawk and of course was determined to swim mommy free just like Mattie!

The real teacher got the class started by teaching us a really cool trick. She showed us that you could tie a noodle in the shape of a "pretzel" and use it as a ring float...who would have thunk it! It works great and keeps them straight up and down.

The first thing Maddie did was jump off the side of the pool to her mom wearing her noodle float. Of course Lily wanted to follow in her foot steps. Daddy was there the first day and was her swimming buddy, so mom could catch it all on camera.

"Count dad...1,2,3...jump!" She started out with a death grip on his fingers, but somehow he managed to pull away when she hit the water. When she bobbed back up and realized that there was no daddy attachment and her head was still above water...oh the sheer excitement! Literally, this was all it took! Her first words, I should probably say, her first announcment was "Hey everybody, look at me!" I can't begin to tell you how crazy her parents embarrasing! :)

Over the next week in a half, we watched her turn into a little independent water bug! She now loves to show off by going under water, blowing bubbles, and kicking herself crazy all around the pool BY HERSELF!

Her are a few documented pictures to show off her new tricks!
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