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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lily's News!!!

Lily is all excited about showing off her new shirt now that it's Dr. official!!! That's right, our almost 3 year old is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!

The only part of the "sharing" that we're going to have to continue to work on is that the baby is in Mommy's belly and not hers! She's telling everyone that she has a baby in her belly and her name is Ella!

Oh, and boy does "Ella" demand a lot of attention! Lily is constantly telling us that her baby is hungry and that she needs to eat. "Ella" seems to have one preference...fruit snacks! Hmmm, the sugar craving, I would have NO idea who she would get that from! :) I guess in about 50 years (according to her daddy :) ) she'll know exactly how to play that craving prego part!

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Many of you read my previous post and have been faithfully praying and I THANK YOU! I got a call from the Dr. two days ago saying that my blood work shows that ALMIGHTY GOD has made my body IMMUNE to the virus! We rejoice greatly over His sweet grace that He has poured out on us and blessing us with a healthy little life!

At my first appointment our little sweet peas heart beat was 120 and measured @ 6 weeks 2 days. I am now 8 weeks today!

We are truly beyond excited over this Miracle, God's timing, God's wisdom, and God being the Masterpiece designer of this life that is HIS!

We will welcome baby Lewis into the world sometime around January 3o, 2012!

Let the NESTING begin! :) I learned with the first that it can never start too early!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Despite, we WILL Praise!!!

Of course my flesh never screams, "examine me!", but I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit that dwells within me demands it!

I usually don't share such stories in such detail and not even quite sure what God would have me even say at this point, but what I do know is that HE wants to speak!

This past Monday night, right before Lily's bedtime routine we noticed that both of her cheeks had broken out in a rash. Michael and I started racking our brains of where we had been or possibly some different foods she might have eaten that day. We couldn't come up with anything out of the ordinary! Well, it's not like this sweet girl has an extensive food list anyway...we have a picky one on our hands (a little side note, I am super proud to say though that we just became a fan of carrots a few days ago! I think the whole they're good for your eyes spill worked)! We asked all the questions...are you hurting, does it itch, do you feel hot, but none of the above! So, I decided to give her some Tylenol, we prayed over her, and then tucked her in for the night.

Tuesday morning and her little cheeks were still a little splotchy, but had faded significantly in redness than they were the night before. I was hoping by the looks of it we were getting better and that Tuesday could hopefully be a NORMAL day. You know, a day with minimal drama, where we can get everything done that is usually in the Tuesday routine or that is scheduled according to mommy (me, my plans)!

So, in all honesty, the revealed attitude of my heart was saying, "Lord, I really don't need any interruptions right now, no "bumps in the road" I have a lot that needs to get done today"!

Oh how I hate the attitude of the flesh and how it can raise it's ugly head so quickly! This may all sound a little over kill to you for this little scenario, but for me it's the very thing and area that God has been doing some serious chiseling in! Not just having knowledge of but living out... in ALL things BIG & small, whether the attitude of my heart, thoughts that are or are not spoken, my schedule, circumstances, plans, desires, my marriage, & Lily are NOT my own!

Crazily by simply learning to ask God to INTERRUPT my plans in the mundane day-to-day and small little moments brings beautiful FREEDOM!!!

I'll definitely come back to this later and expand, so just bare with me...

But for now, do you know where this is going!?? Yes, you're right...this mommas NORMAL Tuesday plans were interrupted quickly! It seemed like the very moment after loading up into the jeep so we could go to the Y, her rash intensified! It was now all up and down her little arms, looking like they were on fire! I truly have never seen a rash that bad. My first thought was, oh no what if her throat closes up due to having an allergic reaction?

We drove straight to her Pediatrician and they assigned us to an "isolated" room. Dr. Singe only looked at Lily for a few seconds and said very confidently, "little Lily has Fifths disease!" I'm glad she quickly followed up by saying it's JUST a VIRUS (because can we say mind whirl)! Disease is just one of those words you never want to hear as a diagnoses and especially dealing with your child. For a split second I thought she had been plagued with something horrible and life threatening! They really should do moms a favor and change the name to at least Fifths virus, just makes a whole lot more sense and easier on the nerves!

Okay, I know some of you moms who are reading this "have been there and done that" and are probably getting a good laugh right about now, because you've already learned that "it's" name is a whole lot "bigger" than it's "bite!" I learned that the worst part about this virus in a child is the ugly rash that pops up showing they are no longer contagious! Basically, Lily was never phased and she is doing just fine...I am so very thankful!

One of the last questions I asked while we were in the Dr. office was, "Are there any other precautions I should take?" Looking down as she was filling out some paper work Dr. Singe said casually, "only if you knew you were pregnant!"

I never thought I would ever feel hesitant to answer, "YES, I am pregnant" like I did at that very moment.

She then proceeded to tell me that being exposed to the virus could possibly cause harm to the unborn baby or a miscarriage and that I needed to have blood work requested at my first OB appointment.

For a split second I felt like I was standing at the oceans edge facing the largest title wave of fear, anxiousness, doubt, & discouragement. Such a large ball of human emotions that could have drowned me, but then GOD...He was there and on the scene the whole time! He so graciously captured my thoughts and anchored me to the very Truth that He has had me meditating on.

In Job 38, God speaks with Great Authority to Job as he confronts his nievness of just how GREAT and MIGHTY He is...despite Job's human feelings!

Just like Job, the Holy Spirit was asking me, "Do you have a God gaze? Do you believe and fully Trust that He is in ALL things and through Him ALL things hold together?"

"where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me if you have understanding. Who determined it's measurements - surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were it's bases sunk, or who laid it's cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy..."

There are 41 verses in Job 38 and all of them are worthy to be typed out, but for the sake of trying not to write a book...go read the rest of them!

I never felt like I left the ocean edge, but instead of drowning in my fleshly emotions, I was immersed in a sea of His INFINITE WISDOM, GREATNESS, SOVEREIGN CONTROLNESS, & HUGENESS!!!

Oh how greatful I am that He gives strength to the weak and power to the powerless!

Recalling this truth welled up within me an attitude of ADORATION! An area that I didn't realize how weak I was in the past. I am not saying by any means that I have arrived or that this has been perfected in me...hardly! But what I am learning and He is teaching me is that ADORATION (getting lost in HIM and I discipline myself to meditate on Him in the mundane and verbalize everything that His name says He is) should be the most important piece of my relationship with HIM!

It's easy for me to enter into my time of conversation with Him anxious to want to voice the heaviness on my heart, or the burdens I may carry for others and in result end my conversation just as heavy laden as I did when I started.

Through studying God's model of prayer, studiying the Word, and other books such as Desiring God, it is like God has been hammering the word ADORATION into my heart...will you just get it!?
This is the true equation for: God + nothing =EVERYTHING! Learning to get lost in just Him is when I am most satisfied and He is most glorified!

When ADORING Me drives your relationship, then I am MAGNIFIED, EXALTED, BIG...and you and the trials, circumstances, and hardships I told you that you would have to face in this world....SMALL in comparison to my HOLINESS!

This is when the true heart of rejoicing comes into play, when you can trust that I only permit what I have purposed and NOTHING happens outside of my sovereign plan!

Therefore, in the midst of uncertainties and heart aches you can see those "trench" times not as how the enemy would love for it to be... destructive, but your heart can be comforted and rejoice in the greater plan! The Great I AM is bringing about detoxification of self instead of destruction. Putting the flesh to death and sanctifying us to mirror His reflection!

I have my first OB appointment on Wed., where we will hopefully get to see our sweet pea for the first time, but also follow through with getting blood work done to see if there may be any complications.

When my flesh is in complete contradiction to the word, I will choose to fight and ADORE HIM! He is on His throne and NOTHING can thwart His plans. For He promises to ALWAYS work out ALL things together for His good and Glory!!!

Oh how this promise brings FREEDOM when my plans are interrupted by the Very ONE who has conquered ALL sin and brokeness in this world, knowing that His ultimate GLORY PLAN WILL previal !

Knowing that it is He alone who is in the "secret place" floods my heart with so much peace!

Father, this unborn baby is yours and my life is yours... For my strive is NOT I, but Christ who lives within me (Galatians 2:20)

Are we in Kansas!?

We may not be in Kansas, but being neighboring states is thrilling enough!
The highly anticipated OK tornado season is finally here...and I almost pulled a "Dorothy" and slept straight through it!
The Lewis ladies are big on taking naps these days, especially with momma Lewis being with child!
It was around 3:30 when I woke up to my dear friend Keo calling! "Are ya'll okay? Are you getting ready to leave? Do you have somewhere to go?"
I was clueless and thought we were doing just fine all snuggled up in bed.
I knew we were suppose to have some ugly weather and possibly some tornadoes in surrounding counties, but not A STREET OVER!!!
Keo said they were already in their church basement taking shelter because there was an F5 heading our way!
Oh heavens to Betsy! A "brain tornado" of my own started whirling through my head...
Get up Lily, pictures, oh I need to get dressed, turn on news, what should I pack, Michael, where's my husband, pictures! Just a few calm and collective thoughts I had in all of about 1 second!
So yes, since this South GA girl has humored so many oklahomians with my first tornado "response", I didn't want to leave you out!

Now when you think tornado, I know you think exactly what I think of...the movie Twister!
I just knew that we were coming back to nothing! God can do whatever He wants to in order to bring about His purposes and if that was to level us, then I was going to be somewhat prepared.
I grabbed our largest beach bag and began to clear walls of all of our picture frames, but not just walls, dressers, and side tables!
Yes, every picture was stuffed into an over sized bag and waiting by the door for Michael to carry with us to our friends storm I thought!
The moment Michael walked into the door and almost tripped over my "special memory keepsakes bag," he said, "What is this?"
"Well honey, I'm not attached to much else, but all our pictures and photo books are such special memories. I thought since I had a little bit of time before you came home I would "save" them and take them with us!"
Laughing, he said, "babe, I'm sorry but we are not showing up on Mrs. Meleta's door steep dragging behind us a beach bag full of picture frames!
Over reacting?....I didn't think so ,until Michael reminded me that we do live in a technology world and it's not like we can't print more copies online.
Okay, so I parted with the beach bag and then we loaded up to drive to Mrs. Meleta Stevens house to take shelter in her storm cellar.
Just minutes before we got to their house the tornado siren started sounding. I just knew the F5 was going to drop out of the sky hot on our trail!
In the meantime, out daughter is in the back seat not phased at all that the sky is completely dark at 4:30 in the afternoon and is whoo hooing like we're having a lot of fun!
To let you in on a little secret...even though my panic button had definitely been set off, there is also a vein of dare that runs through me that would love the title as a "tornado chaser!"
I don't think Rookies qualify, so I'll take shelter underground instead!
We were underground around 45 minutes until we got the clear. We came up to everything in tact. The tornado ended up missing us by 2 miles.
We truly praise The maker of heaven and earth for His Almighty protection when others were affected greatly!
Our prayer is that is the midst of some people loosing everything they poses, that God would open their eyes to see that their greatest need can be met and found in HIM!!!
I didn't deserve to be able to go back home, empty my beach bag and redecorate! I'm thankful for His GRACE!

Friday, June 3, 2011

GA Trip!

About a month ago now, Lily and I flew to GA for a few weeks while Michael took off with the college students to Dallas, TX for the Passion Conference. Our GA trips always call for a lot of fun with family and great memories are guaranteed to be made! Of course I was looking forward to soaking up time with family, but I was also looking forward to just "being"! Since we live in an apartment (or tower as lily cals it...makes it sound so grand huh!) and don't have the freedom to just walk out our back door into a yard of our own, I couldn't wait for just that! Even weeks before our trip my heart would smile just thinking about getting to watch Lily roam around the grandparents yards, play in the dirt, gather rocks, pick flowers, examine bugs (some I like and some I don't like), and soak in EVERY ounce of the days sunlight until her heart was content...and she did just that and this mommas heart was warmed! Even though, yes there was a lot of the time we were "doing" things, but overall in the midst of the "doing" and the watching I got to be still, breath in a little deeper, and Know that GOD IS GOD...ahhh!!!

Of course as you know from previous post I'm really good at only taking a "few" (wink, wink) pictures on our GA trips! Some need an explanation, but for the most part I'm just going to let the pictures speak of our incredible fun for themselves! :)

The first set of pictures would definitely get the title: Lily & Leroy...BFF's!

Yes grandparents, don't worry, you are always at the top of the list of highly anticipated people Lily wants to see, but in a very close second is the beloved Leroy...the plantaion dog! My child is an animal lover! To be honest if she knew about those heart BFF necklaces, she would probably give the "best" part of her necklace to Leroy! But on the other hand, I am confident that Leroy would give his "best" half of his necklace to Lily! :) Leroy loves to fetch (which can drive an adult crazy to have a ball spit out on top of their feet every 5 seconds) and Lily gets so much joy over throwing the ball ya see, they go together like "peas & carrots"! Just in the past few trips, Lily discovered that if she throws the balls on top of Granny's bushes that it's a whole lot funnier and entertaing to watch Leroy sail off the porch and land ontop of the bushes, so this has become her new favorite...throwing Leroy's ball in the bushes! Poor bushes and Poor Leroy! :)

THE bushes are just below the rail!

GA FIRST...Fishing!

Oh and fishing in style that is! The Barbie fishing pole sure didn't let us down! In South GA we say...we sure did catch a MESS of fish! :) I guess Miss Lily knew how to "hold her mouth right!" I grew up with my Papa telling me that was the key to catchin the biggins! She squeeled evertime she got one!

Fishing with Unky "T"!

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Would rather examine it from a distance! :)

Ooo-Ooo (granddaddy) told Lily that she had to kiss at least one fish! Can't you hear what she's thinking, "That's all the love this fish is going to get!" :)

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Like mother, like daughter...I decided to kick off the flops and stand in the water while I fished and of course Miss Lily thought that was an excellent idea!

Until her feet slipped out from underneath her and she fell in! To be honest I thought she would go in voluntarily before involuntary! :)

It didn't take her long to figure out that a big hole filled with lots of water = lots of mud to take a mud bath in!