Galatians 2:20

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lily Moments!

This is definitely one of those moments that I wish I had a built in recorder that caught every sweet thought Lily said from that little 2 year old brain. Oh, to be a child!

There are two recent conversations that I want to share, simply because I never want to forget them and just because I think they are sweet and funny.

Both of them stem from the incredibly Huge responsibility the Lord has so graciously entrusted us with as parents and commanded us to teach and train up our children in the ways of the sow seeds of Truth into their lives Constantly!!

My prayer is that our lives will Teach the gospel, Show the gospel, and Live the gospel in all that we do...not from a distance, but up close as I make Lily a part of my daily love relationship with the Lord. I just recently started including her in on being clothed with the Full Armor of God...we call it our God clothes! We talk about how we are very weak in our own strength and need to clothe ourselves with God's strength.

Moment #1
We were in the bathroom after getting dressed and I told Lily that we now needed to put on our God clothes...of course it makes it so much more fun if you act it out, so here we go......................
Me: Let's put on our shoes of peace
Lily: (bent over) choocka choocka... you have to make sounds, it adds to all the fun :)
Me: Put on our belt of Truth
Lily: (pretending she's putting on a belt) choocka choocka
Me: Put on our breast plate of righteousness
Lily: (hitting her chest) choocka choocka
Me: Put on our helmet of salvation
Lily:(pats her head) choocka choocka
Me: Hold up the sword of the spirit
Lily: (makes a fist)choocka choocka
Me: Hold up the shield of faith
Lily: (holding out 5 fingers) Choocka Choocka
Me: Okay Lily, now we are ready to walk in God's power and strength today.
Lily: (with a very confused look) No mommy, we're not clothed, we forgot to put on our big girl panties!!! :)
Me: laughing hysterically

Later when Michael got home I shared this with him and he said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to add the panties of purity huh?!!" Love it babe!

Moment #2
Okay, so there are certain cartoons that we have taught Lily that mommy and daddy don't like because they don't honor Jesus. Isn't it so sad that there are cartoons today that we have to tell our kids that they are not God honoring...breaks my heart!

The other evening I turned on the TV in an attempt to watch something that was NOT animated. I ended up turning to the game show Minute To Win It. Lily came running into the Living room and sat down in her little chair. She watched a few seconds of it and then said, "Mommy, I don't like this. It doesn't honor Jesus!"

Okay, so we see that we're going to have to work on the Personal Preference factor and how that is Not linked to what does and doesn't honor Jesus! :)

Love this sweetness to Pieces!