Galatians 2:20

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Beautiful Day...

We'll a few sentences into reading this you will probably be scratching your head and saying to yourself...I think she miss-titled this post! Believe me, I probably wouldn't even be writing about this and much less seen any beauty in it at all, if it was left up to me! The suiting title would have been something more like Mommy 911!!! if it wasn't for the perspective of my 2 year old! It was 3:30 when my bedroom door slowly opened up to a sheepish two year old on the other side who had only be laying down for about 30 minutes. I looked at her from the bed and simply motioned for her to come here, because I was in the middle of listening to a sermon. She usually runs full blast, but instead she stood there with her legs crossed and said, "I squeeze out!" O-kay, so i knew it was coming because of all that tummy complaining earlier and the fact that it took us an extra 20 minutes to get comfortable and down for our nap. Simple, we'll change your diaper (still working on the whole poo pooing in the potty thing) and everything will be fine and then you can lay down for a little longer. Until I thought...oh stink! I forgot to bring your diapers in from our shopping trip today! The fact that I was about to walk outside to the car without her sent her into crocodile I threw her on my hip and did the "I don't want to squish anything in your diaper hold" and ran down the stairs. It was the bottom of the stairs and at the edge of the parking lot that my greatest fear happened...YES, BOTH Ends! In a matter of seconds her hair, outfit, face, my entire left side, jeans, and boots had been cristened and covered in throw up! This whole scene repeated itself 2 more times before we could even get to the car. I don't know about you, but I'm the biggest baby when I throw up! It's one of those "things" that I hate the most, but let me just tell you that my sweet girl didn't shed a tear...Wow! When I stood her up on the concrete beside the jeep just waiting for another episode, I got a sweet look from her instead as her eyes peered through her matted hair she said, "My tummy feel better now!" "I need new dress!" Yes, you do sweet girl! This time I didn't throw her on my hip but opted for the extended arm armpit hold as I rushed her back up to the top of the stairs. I stripped her of her dress and told her to run straight to mommy's bathtub. I opened the door and off she ran as I pulled my newly stained boots off and left them by the door! Instead of running straight to my bathtub she ran to her room. I asked her, "Lily why didn't you go to mommy's tub?" She said two words, "new one." Oh stink again!!! I had completely forgotten that she had pooped. Greeaaattt, I was thinking now I'm going to have to lay your stinky sticky self down first and change you. I decided to lay her down on our laminate floor in our bathroom for an easy clean up. Okay, so I got a little a head of myself after laying her down because all at the same time I was trying to strip My shirt off to throw it into the sink (remember this "nice" smell had been under my nose the entire time & I simply couldn't take it longer) while ripping her pull-up off too. Only when I didn't think things could get anymore interesting, I found myself watching a large solid poop ball roll out of her diaper and across the bathroom floor! Grrrooosss! It was in this moment that I said, "Oh shoot!" (a word that we Don't say in our house) and was at the verge of wanting to have my own crocodile tear moment. Then my daughter interrupts all the chaos as she's laying flat on her back, looking up at me with a smile on her face and says, "It's beautiful day mommy!" :) :) No, thinking about a beautiful day was not exactly what was on this mommy's mind at the moment, but I am so thankful to the Lord that He allowed the lips of my two year old to utter those words! I don't want to loose sight now matter how hard, gross, or difficult things may get, that I am to Praise Him at ALL times!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shop Shop!

Anytime I tell Lily that we need to go shopping, she always says, "I go shop shop with YOOOUU mommy!"Yes, YOU is always said in a few shrill octaves higher and said with so much excitement! I.LOVE.IT! The best little lady shopping friend a mommy could ask for!

I'll admit it though, we can both be a little double trouble when it comes to staying focused, you know, sticking to "the list"....if you know what I mean! We're girls, what do you expect...well, that's at least what daddy hears when he comes home to something crazy that we bought that day! :)

Just like, well, yesterday for example! We were on a mission to go to Big Lots to pick up a plastic tub. We're making the winter/summer clothes exchange and I needed something to store her winter clothes in. Well of course what aisle would the storage containers be stored by but the Princess toy aisle! AND how can a female with any girlie blood at all running through her veins NOT go down THAT aisle...almost a sin, right!? Well, if not in anyone elses book it would be for a 2 1/2 year old named Lily! But of course this momma didn't steer her away from it either. It makes me smile to see her light up as she slowly walks mesmerized down the aisle pointing and saying the name to EVERYTHING as she goes.

I can usually have a "tough" heart and make my no, no because those kind of aisles usually have the same things on them in every store. Which we are proud owners of most of it anyway! But, lets just say the heart was softened when we got to the very end of the aisle where there we're not just princess dress up clothes, but.... Princess WIGS!!! OH YES, this takes dress up to a whole new level! :)
Our choices were Belle, Snow White, or Cinderella! Without hesitation Lily said, "Mommy, I want long curly one."

So yes, our list extended from a tub, to a tub and wig! A MUST have for any princess wardrobe collection! And you know when you where little and the excitement was just to much to have to wait till home to take out that special something. So, as soon as we made it to the car, in a matter of minutes my daughter went from short haired Lily to long curly locks PRINCESS BELLE!

My cheeks hurt so bad by the time we got home, because I couldn't stop laughing and smiling as I looked in the rear view mirror and would see her sweet little face surrounded by mounds of hair! She was on Princess cloud 9!

Now it's just getting her to understand that the wig doesn't do well during naps, bath time, eating, and well.... :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


We are celebrating our sweet Lily pie's 31 months of life today! God's grace is just soo good!
Michael and I were looking at her tiny self the other night all sprawled out on the floor and found ourselves looking at each other at the same time just shaking our heads in disbelief over how long she's gotten... so quick!

Oh how I wish I could slow down this "blinking" too fast thing.

Even now she's making me smile so big as I'm listening to her talk to her mermaids while she's in the tub. Ooops, just lost a tail... :)
Okay other mothers, isn't it sad how we can't trust our memory? I feel like half the time I need to warn people that they will be playing a conversation game of fill-in-the-blank with me. It seems that my brain "fluffs" are only getting worse. So this post is to document all of those fun things that she likes, is saying, and doing, because I never want to forget!
  • Oatmeal used to be the morning favorite, but now yogurt and cereal have taken it's place.
  • The girl has a built in alarm system that never fails to go off at 6:50. She's sooo good about opening and closing our bedroom door sooo quietly. Sneaking around our bed to my side sooo quietly, but then at this point the silence is broken when she hollers so excitedly, "MOMMMYYY, Lily got up!" She's great at suspense! Then she says, "Mommy, you wake?"
  • Lily is a huge Curious George, Dora, Diego, Mickey Mouse, and Syd the Science Kid cartoon fan.
  • Everyday she says that it's Lily's birthday and that we need to have a party!
  • I love when I give her something like a piece of candy or someone else like when the Chick-fil-A people give her a balloon...she always takes it and says. "for MeeEEE, (in a progressively high octave) it's my favorite! She hugs everything and says it's her favorite!
  • She is definitely our girlie girl. Her favorite colors are pink, pink, and pink!!! A while back she assigned us colors. Mommy is green and orange, daddy is blue. As we drive around she always makes the announcement that the BLUE sky is daddy's and the GREEN grass is mommies. :)
  • It was in the car when she first said, "Mommy, Lily's awesome!" Don't you just love conversations in the car. I don't know what it is about the car, but those creative juices flow like no other place.
  • She melts my heart when she stops in the middle of doing something and looks up at me and say, "Mommy, you're soooo beautiful!" "Mommy, you're sooo gorgeous!"
  • Her favorite "big" word to use is...dangerous! If anything is scary or she's see something that she doesn't like then it's dangerooouuss!
  • The other day I was wearing a shirt that had sequins at the top and she said, "Mommy, you're wearing sprinkles!"
  • After getting back into the car after eating our Valentine meal at Cheese Cake Factory, Michael leaned over and gave me a kiss. Lily started saying, "NO Daddy, nooo!" Michael told Lily that daddy can kiss mommy because we are married. Lily quickly came back with NO, Lily's married to mommy! :)
  • Just two weeks ago Lily became obsessed with wearing her princess crown (but according to Lily it's her princess CRAYON) 24/7.
  • We are living on the second floor of an apartment complex. Every time we drive up from being out she says, "Mommy, it's my Tower!"
  • She loves to play doctor and listen to us breathe. She tells us to breathe, again, again. After the 3rd time she gives us "medicine, candy, and tootsie rolls!"
  • She thinks it's hilarious to call her daddy a "popcorn or chicken nugget!"
  • Before she goes to bed we always sing praise songs. When we ask her what praise songs she wants to sing, the song line up is ALWAYS the same...Praise Him, ABC's, Jesus Love Me, and Father Abraham. Yes, the ABC's have somehow made their way into the praise song list! :)

Her are a few shoots that I caught of her just being Lily and doing what she loves to do. She loves to pull down her hairband basket off her dresser and "do" hair Lily style!

We love you our sweet scooter roots, doodles, stinker winks, punkin, sweetums, precious, lily pieness! Just a few names of enderment that your mommy and daddy love to call you by! :)