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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Lily was truly the only one who was road trip ready for where we were headed with her pink cowgirl boots packed! Can you guess? That's right, Team Lewis was headed to The Heart Land! We got to be Texans for 3 days as we visited some dear friends of ours and their kiddos!

This was a blessed and extra special visit for several reasons! It was sweet to see Lily and "E", our friends little girl, reunited after 8 months. They were best buds (better known as partners in crime) while we were in seminary. We also soaked up our time as couples since our friends residence will only be Canyon, TX for only another short month. They will no longer be living state side, but will have a new address across the "pond" in Asia. What is their purpose? Simply an act of obedience to where God has called them to advance the Gospel to people who have never heard.

I actually just finished listening to a sermon by David Platt reminding the body of believers that if you are in Christ, the purpose of ALL of OUR lives is to advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth! So where has God planted you here on this planet called Earth? Wherever that may be, be encouraged that the focus is not on your PLACE of service, but on your POSITION in Christ! "I (Christ) am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I (Christ) in him, he WILL bear much fruit; apart from me you can do NOTHING!"
I am simply sharing Truth that I have been meditating upon. The Lord is reminding me that the health of my christian life has everything to do with my discipline of taking in His word (internalizing it). I am either walking around healthy or unhealthy. Therefore, if I want people to see Jesus instead of me then I must ask Him for His strength and discipline to not only read His Truth, but meditate upon it for the purpose of godliness (1 Tim. 4:7) Then no matter where I am on this earth, the fruit that He will produce as a result of being "plugged" into the proper nourishment of His word, will give off an aroma that will be powerful enough to be far reaching to the ends of the world!

We love you"C" family & are so thankful for our friendship & partnership in the Gospel!


Better than packing our own lunch, we let subway pack it for us and headed to the Palo Duro Canyon (the second largest canyon in the US) for a picnic. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and breathtaking backdrop!

Check out our two "twinkies" wearing matching outfits.

Our 3 little explorers looking for "treasure!"

Palo Duro Canyon

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That afternoon we visited "A's" parents so the kiddos could feed the horses!

Lily and "E" were given the job of preparing the horsey snack!

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What's a good farm without a tractor ride. Lily wasn't feeling herself, so she was a little cranky pants and didn't want to ride.

I love this picture of my friend and all the kiddos running away from the barn toward the house.

Whoo Hoo!!! It's always a treat to have an adult date night especially when your babysitter is free! That is rare for us these days since our closest grandparents are 17 hours away. :(

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Can you tell that our little "twinkies" missed us terrribly while we were gone! They were serving late night desert coffee when we went to go pick them up...mmm, mmm good!

Last morning having couch time in their PJ's!

Two years from now, it's our goal to visit the "C" family on their turf across the "pond." We're already counting down the days! :)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Suprises Part 2!

Yay for mail! Especially when you open up your mail box and find a key inside! Meaning that your package was too large to fit in your small mail box and was left in a larger box for you to be able to claim with the key!

The receiver of these large packages are usually Miss Lily, and you know who the spoiling senders are...GRANDPARENTS!!!

Michael's parents, Granny and Ooo-Ooo, surprised Lily with a valentine package and I think the pictures say just how excited she was!

The first thing she pulled out of the box was a heart shaped owl that said...whooooo loves you? Jesus loves you! She squueeezzeed and held Mr. Owl very tight and said, "Mommy, it's my favorite!" It's been a snuggle buddy in her bed ever since. She also got heart bracelets, heart suckers, and silly bands! Thank you Granny and Ooo-Ooo for my valentines!

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The next surprise of the day was definitely a true surprise!!!

Lily and I had a lunch date with a few high school girls that day, so we didn't get back home until 1:30. When we drove up we saw Michael's (daddy's) car. We always love when daddy comes home from work, but we weren't expecting him that day.

We walked through the door and the entire house was dark! My first thought was he must be laying down since his back had been bothering him for the past several days. But, I quickly discovered that wasn't the case at all as soon as I flipped a switch! The first thing that my eyes saw were the most beautiful bouquet of flowers surrounded with chocolate and lots of it...oh he's a good man! Mr. sneaky himself was hiding around the corner in the kitchen with a big smile on his face!

I am such a hard person to surprise because I'm so inquisitive and usually figure things out before they happen, but this time he truly got me! Thank you for blessing me with a few of my favorite things babe!

Here's the gorgeous bouquet! I'm a wild bouquet kind of girl, b/c I simply love them all!

ahhhh...sigh :):)!

This is also a beautiful sight to behold...chocolate!

Okay, so speaking of chocolate I'll let you in on a little Lewis secret...shhh!

My sweet husband was anti-chocolate when I first met him, which was actually fine with me because I've never been a real good chocolate sharer. But see, I diagnosed his chocolate problem early on!

The problem was simply that he didn't know the best kind to eat and how to eat it! We'll, I guess when it comes to what kind and how to eat it, I need to give credit where credit is mom! Yes, you could diagnose this woman as a chocoholic! Growing up she would buy bags of chocolate morsels (the kind you cook with). Did she cook with them...well sometimes, but! Why cook with them? That takes way to much time to get get your chocolate fix...right!? So instead just cut a hole in the bag and turn them up! Yes, that's right, she made a good chocolate addict out of me!

I brought this addiction into my marriage and it didn't take long before my husband realized what he was missing out on. The only bad thing now is that I have to share now b/c he doesn't give me a choice. So there are days he forces me to hide the chocolate morsel bag...shhhh!

So one thing the Lewis pantry will not be without is a bag of milk chocolate morsels...speaking of, I feel them calling my name (a perfect time to take a chocolate break)!

Okay, I'm good to go now, back to the flower and chocolate surprise. While Michael was home he told us (his girls) to be ready by 5:00 for a date. I thought, smart man beating the valentine crowd.

I told Lily we had to get fancy-fied for our date, so we had a fun afternoon doing all of those girlie preparations! Here we are, all ready for our hot date!

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Michael ended up taking us to one of our favorites!!!!

Can you believe that we still had a 15 minute wait at 5:15! We ended up waiting outside because it was so beautiful! I snapped some shots of how Lily past the time with running around, twirling, and doing a little bit of snooping!

Oh and in the midst of all of that, a young guy offered to take a family shot!

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Our dinner was excellen-te! Our little valentine was too for the exception of using the butter as hand lotion! :)

I don't care how stuffed you are, you can always make room for this!!! My all time favorite...the new reese peanut butter!

Lily was brought out her own personal chocolate parfait!

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Valentine Extended!

We had a women's night of fellowship at our church Tuesday night.

Decorating committee: Me, Tara, and Ginger

I love working with these ladies!

We had quite the spread! Women just know how to do it right! And oh am I thankful that calories don't count when you're with your girlfriends! :)

Tuesday Lily got her valentine from her Nonni and Papa! When she opened it up she yelled, "$5!" I don't know why, but everything is $5 to her. Thank you Papa and Nonni for her generous $5..wink, wink! :)

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