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Monday, January 10, 2011

Our 2nd Big girl haircut!

I was thinking that Lily was going to have her momma's thick hair, but the longer it gets it looks like she may have her daddy's fine hair. We have discovered that all it takes is a head full of fine hair & one gust of the OK wind to = matted up knotty hair ALL the time!
So, this momma bit the bullet and told the lady to bob it off...did I really say that!? It wasn't until after the first cut that I couldn't believe I said that word...Bob!
All you have to do is give my Lily Loo a sucker and she doesn't flinch an inch! So here goes...BEFORE and....



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REVEAL!!! :)

She is soo stinkin cute! But it also makes me sad that taking off a few inches of hair makes my little girl look so much older. :( But I do love how it showcases her little petite face! :)

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Michael, me, Lily, & three other families took off to Keystone, CO just after Christmas with about 25 youth and college students for some fun on the slopes!
A really sweet surprise was that my mom flew out to join us...yay for Nonni!
Two of the guys, Zack & Christian had to end up bunking with us in our condo. They had no complaints about the couch and said it slept great...I'm just sure that waking up to Twinkle, twinkle little star sung at the top of Lily's little lungs every morning was not their idea of a wake-up call and surely not the time they would have requested either! :) They were great sports though and Lily loved having them around.
Christian actually got his leg slammed in the church bus door one evening. When Lily found out he was hurt, she looked at him and said, "Awww, Zack can kiss it!" We all just laughed! She is soo funny!
Okay, so I was thinking youth trip, budget = cheap condos...Wroonngg! Our place ended up being beautiful! There were days I was tempted to snuggled up with a good book and just stay inside all day, but the thrill of being on top of the mountain always won out!

Geared up and ready to hit the slopes with my mom on the first day!

The view from our balcony!

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Lily & I with some of our Graceway girls at the bottom of the slopes!

We struck the jackpot and found a free wagon just waiting for a little girl to jump in it! It was awesome when you could find one of these laying around in the village because that meant we got a break from carrying all of our skies to the base of the gondola...yay for wagons!

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Almost there!

On the last day we decided to take Lily on the gondola, so she could go to the top of the mountain. Their was a snow house built at the top that children could play in and I knew she would love it!

Here she is walking in the gondola line!

Our love birds...Ashely and Sam (affectionately known as Nancy :) We love them!

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My sweet little pink marshmallow is 29 months today and on her first gondola ride...up, up, & away! She loved every minute of it!

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Beautiful Nonni!

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She had so much fun watching the skiers below!

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