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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blast from the Past!!!

Q: So, when do you become too cool for bowling...

A: when you go with a bunch of students and everyone is all dressed in 80's getup!

Oh, how nothing screams 80's like hot pink, green, and blue eye shadow...which I think my eyelids will be permanently stained with until next week!

Honey, I'm sorry but I just have too! Yes, the wife beat the hubby tonight in bowling. Jordan: 104 to Michael: 103

Okay, obviously not by a long shot but hey it's still a win! What can I say we're just a tad bit competitive! :) Oh, and to beat you honey dressed in baby blue parachute wind pants made the win even that much better!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broccoli, Celery...

Gotcha thinkin carrots now, don't I?

How about...Gotta beeeee VEGG-IE TALES!!! LIVE!

That's right, the Lilsters and I had a wild Saturday evening dancing the night away with Vegetables!!!

Okay, to be honest, this momma wishes she would choose to eat them instead of dance with them!

In the car ride there, I think she said, "Mommy I excited, I hug Bob Larry!" Every breath she took! When we pulled up into the parking lot, I thought she was going to kick a hole in the back of the passengers seat she was soo beside herself!

The fun started as soon as we entered the door and were greeted with stickers! Then of course it didn't take long for my daughter to become a "hunt & gatherer" at the merchandise table! Sweet thing just went down the table like it was a buffet line and grabbed everything her little fingers could hold on too! She favored lady asparagus, but she quickly learned that it was all a look & not buy according to this momma! :(

Now, have we gotta show for you....!

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Okay, I'm having one of those parent thoughts right's just illegal to be that cute! She was already mezmorized at the Veggie Tales movie playing on the big screen before the show even started.

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Pics got a little out of order. Here's my little shopper!

Oh, if I could have only captured her expression when Bob made his firts apperance as he floated out onto the stage. You would have thought she had just won Miss Universe as she gasped throwing her hands over her mouth and looking back at the audience (like she was wanting to make sure they were seeing what she was seeing) not being able to hide her beaming smile under her little hands! Moments like these warms a momma's heart....ahhhh!

Oh and did I mention that we were as front row and center as you could possible be! That's right babie, we were cool as cucumbers on the front row with plenty of floor space to do some silly song dancin!

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Intermission and chillin with all the cool Veggie Tale fans!

One of Lily's sweet church friends was there. Isn't this sweet? They found each other during intermission.

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Part 2 of the show!

During one of the songs, bubbles started shooting out from the stage. Oh did the little people go wild!

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The "dancing feet" needed to take a rest!

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Okay, so this mom got suckered into purchasing gold tickets so Lily could go back stage to meet and greet Bob and Larry after the show. Michael and I kept going back and forth before we purchased the tickets if it would really be worth the money not knowing if she would freak out and want nothing to do with them up close and personal. We'll we opted to take the chance and the verdict............................................
she never meets a stranger or Vegetable with fear! To be honest, I quickly became fearful for Bob and Larry! Instead of choosing to hug Bob, she decided how about a nose pinch instead!
Yep, I was anticipating at any moment for the large veggie body guards to step out and say in a deep voice, "Hey, back away from the tomato!"
She loved it, and I think her high could possibly take months to wear off!
Of course there is no better way to end than...there's never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, been a show like Veggie Tales!

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Monday, November 1, 2010


For on the day that the world celebrates halloween, we as God's children can choose to HallowHIM and bless His name, the Father of Light!
Jesus says, " I AM the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12
This year we were invited to join our friends Tara & Brad at their in-laws church for their family Fall festival! We were blessed to be accompanied by the most "BEE"utiful bumble bee!
Several of Lily's favorite books have bumble bees in them. Immediately after getting to the page with the bees, she hollers out, "BEEEEEE!" She quickly begins to make the bzzzzzzzzzz sound. I'm thankful my little bee is only a tickle bee instead of a stinging bee! At least that's what we thought....
We quickly discovered that this little bee is very protective over her "honey!" After collecting a large stash of candy causing her bag to be to heavy for her to carry, she still refused for us to help her with it. To be honest, I think the true assessment was that she was afraid of her parents having it in their possession because of the sweet teeth we both posses! (I have to give it to her, she is definitely one smart bee) So for the sake of saving her "honey" she chose to build some muscles and drag her bag everywhere she went. Yes, there were times we thought the "stinger" was going to come out!

Big or orange

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Jackpot!!! Now that's what I'm talkin about...that's a momma treat! Let's just say this one didn't make it into the bag! One of my all time favorite Fall goodies, a loaded candy apple! Just writing about it makes me want one.

Tara & Brad's precious son Carson.
Carson says Lily's cute! Don't worry, Lily's daddy is keeping his eye on him! :)

Cowboy Carson

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