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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baking Cookies

It was our first overcast cool and windy day, so we opted to stay inside where it was warm. Daddy was actually home sick so we decided to try out our new pumpkin cookie cutters! Cookie coming right up! A cookie a day keeps the Dr. away...right!
Of course every good chef washes their hands of germs first! Oh my gracious, the cuteness of a D little person in an apron!
See daddy, you can rest assure that you won't be catching any cootie bugs from me...all clean!

Now the labor must begin!

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After trying to roll out a few pieces of cookie dough and not being very successful due to it being to cold, we decided to zap it in the microwave a few seconds!

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This is what a smile looks like with a mouth full of white chocolate chips!

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In the middle of cooking she informed me that she needed to leave and go check on her baby because she was crying. What a good mommy!

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His Handiwork!

Oh how I love when Jesus calls me forth from the bed to meet with Him early in the morning! Instead of camping out in the living room with my bible in hand like I usually do, I decided to sneak out and go for a walk around the track across the street.
I thought I would spend this time telling the Lord some things my heart had been burdened with, but instead He made it known that He wanted to talk to me! Yes, He wanted to tell me All about His greatness as I looked up into the sky!
Remember Jordan to adore Me through adoration! My goodness can NOT be exhausted! In that moment, I truly could have written new lyrics to the song Indescribable. They would go something like this...Indescribable, uncontainable, you raise the sun and you stretch out the clouds in their shape. You are an AMAZING God!
Needless to say, the burden I was carrying this morning was made small through praise! That's what praise does. It reminds us of His greatness and that nothing is too difficult for the Lord!
The sky was just too gorgeous not to capture, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera. I wanted to share how He showed off!

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Where's Lily?

It was Friday morning and we were just minutes from walking out the door for our family day. After Michael and I had been talking for a few minutes finalizing our plans, we realized that Miss Lily had gotten really quite. Isn't it funny how we fear the silence of a 2 yr. old!

We called her name and nothing! Usually when she gets quiet she is either in one of three places: her closet, our closet, or the laundry room. The first 2 places no Lily, but yes to the last place just not where we expected...

Our very first dryer experience! Yep, that's right, she along with her Barbie friend decided to camp out in the dryer!

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She was making me laugh, because she discovered that she could be like a hamster and ride the dryer like a wheel.

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Making her final exit!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being called a "Beast!"

I never thought in a million years that being assigned the name "beast" would have been like music to my ears until after this weekend! That's right, I am no longer just Michael's wife and Lily's mom, but I now proudly carry the title of the "beast!"
Okay, so I try not to boast about much, but I have no problem boasting in my paintball dominating self! Yep, that's me!...Mrs. Jack Bauer!
This past weekend we held a youth conference and on Saturday we ended the conference with an afternoon of paintball with the youth, which I have never in my life ever played. To be honest it has always been due to some hidden whimpiness of not wanting to suffer from the battle wounds. I mean really, what sounds so fun about being nailed with a plastic ball of paint shooting out of a gun going a gazillion feet a second!
After being offered the treat from my dear friend Dione to watch Lily for the afternoon so I could be with the youth, I thought why not...come on Jordan, pull up your "big girl" panties and let's do this!
As I got my non-showered self ready that morning knowing that paintball did not call for good looks, I couldn't help but to resort back to my college days! Oh yea, many nights of war painting ourselves up to go out to be incognito as we rolled cars, houses, dogs, etc! Did you just say dog? Yep, after rolling our BSU campus ministers house one night we even rolled his dog! :))
I thought, so if we girls are going to do this then we at least have to look a little intimidating and play the part as warriors! Yes ladies, liquid eye liner makes for great war paint! We warred up!
I don't know what it was, but it was like after applying the "war paint" it seeped into my veins and didn't leave one nice bone in my body...I was ready for action!
I brought my camera thinking I would only get a few shots of us girls suited up. But Alex, one of our girls had just gotten injured in basketball earlier that week and wasn't able to play, so she became the photographer and documented all the action.
It didn't take long before I got trigger happy in the first game. I found myself taking out one guy after the next. It wasn't until the referee walked over and told me I was the last person on my team left along with one other guy on the opposite team standing that I truly got a rush!
I decided I had to take the risk and close in on him, so I quickly ran from one bunker to the next. I held my fire because I didn't want him to know what direction I was sneaking up on him. When I got close enough I decided to make a "Jack Bauer" move and just charge him. Smart move because I startled him and was able to "light" him up with paint balls!!!...VICTORY!!!
So why brag you ask!? Well first of all, it truly makes me laugh because I never knew I had it in me, and secondly you never know what you're truly up against when you let a mom of a two year old out of "the cage!"
Warred up!

Lady warriors!

At this point, the war paint had taken affect!


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