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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YAY Nonni's Here!

We had been counting down the days till July, 27 for a while now anticipating our special Mom, aka: NONNI!!! We are so excited that she is finally here! We were all ready with a welcome sign and big smiles! I'm sure we were quite entertaining to all the people standing by. As soon as we spotted each other we took off running and then a big embrace...what a sweet reunion! Lily is so used to seeing her Nonni in the computer through Skype that I think she was a little puzzled and shocked at first thinking, "hey, you're good! how did you get out of that computer!?"
We get to enjoy her for 2 whole weeks and then my dad, aka: Papa flies out next week to join us for Lily's big 2 year old Birthday bash...yippee!! Check back in a week or two for a ton of pics of all our family Oklahoma fun!

sorry for all the bluriness, I am borrowing a lense while mine is getting fixed

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper!

Patty cake, Patty cake, bakers Lily! Hard at work in the kitchen!

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Sooo proud of her kitchen labor! Really, can anything taste bad from a cook this cute!

The best part, enyoying the fruit of the labor...umm umm good!

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Hello Texas!

Last week we spent a week in Burnett, TX for our first youth camp! We stayed in cabins on a ranch and it was amazing! The scenery was gorgeous and lots of land for an almost 2 year old to expend her energy on! The theme of the camp was "Don't Believe the Lies," and our theme verse was John 8:31-32..."If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." We focused on lies we believe about God, sin, circumstances, and relationships. We were so blessed to be under solid teaching of the Truth all week! God truly answered the cry of his people and did a transforming work in so many of the students lives. It truly was a special week getting to be with the students 24/7 and watch God deepen and strength our relationships. Now may we be Doers of the word and not merely hears only.
You can't have a ranch without horses, right! Oh, and how excited Miss Lily was...our little animal lover! So guess where we spent most of our free time, yep! with Mr. Horsey! Lily found a pile of hay outside the fence and said it was a , "horsey snack!"And you better believe Miss Lily was going to make sure the horses ate ALL their "snack."

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With a "horsey snack" pile this big, means a lot of pictures! (or just a mom who is indecisive and just decides to post them all)

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Miss Hollywood!

My cabin roomate for the week...Miss Hollywood!

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Pool Time!

During free time the students had several activities they could choose from on the ranch, but the pool seemed to be the popular vote! Oh, and have I told you that Lily is a big "ham" these days! Lets just say that my daughter can establish a "stage" wherever she is to entertain from. Pool "stage"...Check! She simply eats up the attention from the youth girls!

"I crack myself up!"

Some of the Graceway gang!

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Crazy Hat Night!

We had theme nights throughout the week. The first theme was crazy hat night. Michael and Connor tried to plead their case for their hats, but the judges just didn't buy it! Doesn't it scare you just how out of control they got with their hats...seriously gentlemen, where's the creativity!
On the other go girls! Way to show that crazy hat spirit!

And here are your winners...Miss Daisy (Libby) and Miss Quack (Sarah)

Being a sideline watcher and taking it all in!

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Crazy Hair Night!

The spokes person for our crazy hair night was a proud owner of rainbow wig, but an almost 2 year old decided it should have a new owner and is now....


The Run!!!

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Basketball tournament!

Playing some B-ball with the home-sistas and home-brothers!

Some of the b-ball gang!

Beautiful cheerleaders! (LaFreda & Lily)

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