Galatians 2:20

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A sweet surprise from a sweet girl for you on V-day!

Before you get your sweet surprise, we want you to think about...
What is Love?
1 Corthians 13 says it's the greatest gift...
Why is it the greatest?
because without God showing us His love through His Son Jesus dying on the cross for our sins...we would have NO eternal security and NO Hope! HIS LOVE paid the price that we could not pay. Therefore, we are to love one another greatly with the same love that has been demonstrated to us.
We pray that you have a blessed Valentine's day showing Christ love to your family, friends, and neighbors!
We went to the seminary campus to let Lily run around and in hopes to capture a few V-day pics. Well as you can imagine, still shots no longer exist with an 18 month old! So venture with us as she takes us to Binkley Chapel. You ask...what is it that attracts her to Binkley...STEPS! and lots of them! This girl is a stair climbing addict! I think she has a stair radar built in, because if there are steps anywhere around, she will find them. So here we go, climbing them all by our self of course!

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Showing off how proud she is of her stair climbing accomplishment as she catches a little R & R at the top!

Ooopps...dropped her heart!
Picking up her heart in order to...
ask... WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?! If so, get ready because...
I'm sending
my heart

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and love
too YOU...
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I'm so excited that you "caught" my heart and will be my Valentine!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back and Blogging in the New Year!

Heeelllllooooo Blogger fam!!! I promise we are alive and well, just a little slow in the New Year due to a mommy getting very overwhelmed with all the catching up our blog needed. Surely there's got to be a technological mind out there to create a camera that you can program it to send all the pictures you take straight to your blog as soon as you take them. Wouldn't that just make your heart happy, b/c you know us moms love to kill two birds with one stone! Well any who ha, more than anything I pray that your heart is truly joyful and blessed because we serve a Great, Glorious, and Mighty God in this New Year! I don't know about you, but I truly never thought I would live to see us in the year 2010 simply because it seemed like such a far fetch number, but wow here we are and it's all because of His Great Love! The same love that He is waiting on every tribe, tongue, and nation to hear about. What a Gracious and Merciful Father He is to continue to sustain life so that we as His children can share the greatest story every lived out...That while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for us! May we fervently pray for each other in this New Year to be burdened to share The Good News of The Gospel with those around us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Fun 2010!

Oh the weather outsdie this weekend was frightful, but the hot chocolate was so delightful!!! We had snow and lots of it...8 inches! If nothing else brings out the kid in you, snow will everytime huh! You better believe we were big kids right along with Miss Lily! The highlight was sledding down the hill on the baseball field behind our house! Lily's little faces of sheer terror cracked me up as Michael pulled her down the hill. A smile did follow, but it wasn't until the sled came to a complete stop. We had a blast and are little sad to see Mr. Sun melting it away.

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Sweet little BFF's

Isn't my April friend so beautiful as she gracefuly wipes out an the bottom of the hill!

I wasn't to far behind her with my graceful self either...but what fun!

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Lily's many faces!

Just one fun afternoon of playing!

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Meet Daphca!

Look at this most beautiful face of 16 month old Daphca from Haiti! Yes, I am holding one of Haiti's little miracles. Truly what an amazing God story she has. One of our missionary families were in the process of adopting her before the earthquake. Do to the earthquake the paper work was waved and now she finds herself in the arms of her american parents. What a joy to be able to meet her and love on her!

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Lily @ 17 months

What pure Joy it is to be a mom of this 17 month old! Wow is she growing up and fast! She is such a girlie girl and I love it. One of her favorite things to do now is put on her necklaces, bracelets, and then throw her purse over her shoulder and walk around the house saying bye bye. She is also already a big phone talker....and oh can she gab! I am so surprised that we don't have a charge on our phone bill to China, b/c it sure sounds like she is always having tons of Mandarin conversations! Her favorite food right now is yogurt or better known as yo-yo! She begs for it all throughout the day. And I think her favorite thing to do is to sing and dance. She loves to spin around to ring around the rosies and loves to sing Hallelujah Praise the talk about melt your heart!

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Christmas 2009

okay, you're going to be completely shocked...I was pittiful at taking pictures this Christmas, so what you see is what you get! I think I had too fun taking it all in with my eyes this year.
My moms family always does a big Christmas Eve dinner. Here I am with my cousin Jessica.

This year we had an engagement celebration. Jaclyn (on left) is now engaged to my cousin Michael and they will be getting married soon...March 7! Congratulations you guys! Jaclyn, we are excited to have you a part of the family!

Me and my girl bright and early on Christmas morning!

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