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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Festival

Jeannie and Laura along with their precious kiddos joined us for our Grace Bapt. Fall festival! Super fun night playing games, eating, hay ride, and to wrap up the night a devotional around a bonfire!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've got sooo much, so much, so much....

so much, so much, sooo much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so00 much, so much, so much tooo be thankful for....aannd too ooo pooosssttt!!! Okay, so I have completely hit a full fledged sing everything mode! So, I seriously need you Lindy and Page to be here about now to break out in song with me! I think the millions of post I just got finished updating has made me delirious! So with that said...just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling!!!

WAIT! but before you go any further, I just have to share a random thought. Okay, so the other day I was quickly asked after only getting a few words out of my mouth... the million dollar question...Where are you from?

Honestly, I can't hear the Southern draw, but I guess if someone tells you, you do a good job of turning one syllable words into two, then I guess there's no denying it huh!? Seriously, if it's that noticeable, do people not know!? Okay, so here's my thought the next time someone ask me where I'm from. I'm going to quickly come back with a straight face and say born and raised in NY...trrrruuuueee Yankee and proud of it!!! What do you think...would I get some looks of confusion or what!!! So stay tuned for Truueee Yankee follow up part 2! :)


This Fall cool crisp weather not only makes me super giddy or my husband would call it crazy!, but I also always seem to catch the "crafty bug" around this time. I actually have a great reason to be crafty this Fall b/c I have reserved a booth at our seminary Craft & Bake sale. This is a great event that the Women's Ministry supports in order to help the seminary wives make a little extra Christmas cash....such a fun blessing! So, if you're a WF sister come out and get an early start to your Christmas shopping...looking forward to seeing ya!
When: Nov. 7th
Where: Gym above the Ledford Center
Time: 9:00-3:00
Here's a sneak preview of a few of the "Sweet Cheeks" diaper wipe creations I've been working on. Taking orders! You can get in touch with me through the comments or just email me:

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"Sweet Cheeks" Creations

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NC State Fair!

Michael's parents stopped in for a short visit this past weekend on their way to Vermont. We had a great time at the NC State Fair. The two highlights were Lily getting to see all the animals, (she has her mommas love for all God's critters...we can't help but lov'em all) and of course all the yummalicious teeth rotting fair food!

Lily absolutely loves being on her daddy's shoulders, she always gets in good "drum" practice as she beats on his head. This just melts me!

Granny and Granddaddy Lewis

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Checking out the chick-a-dees!

A mum fun and just beautiful!

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Just Lily!

These are just some fun random shots of Lily over the weekend. Her da-dee (Lily pronunciation) introduced her to Lucky Charms. Any takers for a perfectly good box of Lucky's?...sorry, Charms aren't included due to a 14 month culprit! But hey, look at the bright side...cut calories! I was blow drying my hair while she was eating her snack and this is what I walked out to...charms stuck to her forehead! She's so funny!

Lily loves her new purse that I brought home from the Share Shop and mommy loves that cute vest that I found at the consignment! I'm a tie girl (love things that tie in the front).

Trying so hard to wear her purse like mommy!

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WALKING!!!..whoo hoo!

Since I can't get it on my shoulder, I'll just wear it on my head!

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Georgia Fun!

While da-dee was in NY on a church planting mission trip, Lily and I headed South to be with the fam. Of course grandparents do one things well....spoil! Lily was all pumped about her new bath toys and foam soap her Nonni bought for her.

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Funny Papa story....Lily and Papa were big gator(golf cart) buddies! They put some serious miles on that thing every afternoon. We'll one afternoon when they took it for a spin, the "bottom" fell out and it poured! They both came back drenched, but all smiles!

Aunt Sarah

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Pumpkin Patch

While we were in Nashville, our big girl turned 14 months!!! We decided to celebrate with a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch!

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