Galatians 2:20

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Little Cheerleader making some noise for...

Me, Mommy, and Daddy love both of you sooo very much! Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 10 Months sweet Lily!

We rejoice that on June 7th, Lily celebrated 10 months of life! What a joy it has been to be her mommy and watch her grow! So many lessons from the Lord come through Lily as she changes everyday. Now that she is on the go and crawling everywhere, she is making new discoveries in the house. Her most recent one that she keeps going back to is the toilet brush...ewww! She has a basket full of so many fun toys that we have bought for her and here she is choosing a nasty ole toilet brush. I was thinking, isn't that how we can be at times in our spiritual walk? Her new word is Uh oh and she is beginning to wave her arm at people when they say bye bye.
This flower clip that she is sporting is compliments of my neighbor, so we had to incorporate it into our photo shoot. Don't you just love the almost looks like a hat, huh!? Photo shoots aren't as easy now that she is Mobile, so this is what we got!

This picture cracks me up, b/c it's as if she is thinking, "Sorry ladies, I just realized I have a flower on my head!"
Love this face! Also a good picture to show off those teethes!

So lady like to do her "motorboat" in pearls!
Happy 10 months Lily! We love you bunches!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June JOYS!...thus far

On June 2nd, Michael and I celebrated our 8 yr. anniversary...whooo hooo! I love surprises and love surprising people, so on this special day, I had 8 of his favorite things planned out to last all throughout the day. I wrote a little song and sang it to him to count down to the next awaited surprise. The suspense was killing him, while I ate it up! The first early morning surprise was a trip down to the Krispy Kreme factory in Raleigh. Here we are all smiles as we are gaining weight simply by inhaling the smell of sugar!
Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace in our marriage. I love you sweet heart!

Our little "sweet thang" that I could eat up like a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

What a sweet picture of my two cutie patootie's watching the doughnuts being made.

After being out and about most of the morning, it was time for Miss Pris to get home for a nap. It wasn't 10 min. after laying her down, when someone was at the door practically sounding like they were going to beat the door down. My first thought was it's the maintenance guy wanting to change the air filter, but to my surprise this is what was waiting behind the door...this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. This is a big deal for my husband, b/c back when we were engaged he sent me a dozen of tulips (one of my favs.) and they didn't even last 24 hours. From that day on I think he was "flower scared", b/c my flower receiving since then has been far and few between. Thank you sweetie for one of my favorites!

While Michael layed down for a nap too, I made a run for a surprise afternoon snack...chips and salsa from Los Margaritas, his fav.

That evening our babysitters arrived just in time. Michael's parents came in to watch Lily so we could get away for a date. Michael surprised me by taking me to a very fancy smancy Brazilian resturaunt...Chamas. Michael wanted me to experience some of the Brazilian dishes that he ate while he was in Brazil last year on a mission trip. They bring all the meats to your table and I have to say that the garlic steak is probably the best meat I've ever tasted. I give it two thumbs up and recommend it highly. It's located in quaint Brightleaf Square in Durham.

This is Brightleaf Square...such a cute fun strip.

June has brought another Big milestone for Miss Lily...she is on the move!!! The day after our anniversary she started crawling and pulling up. She is exploring everything and having so much fun doing it.
Do you think I could fit up here?

I think I'll read a book!

Another joy is sharing B-day's with my precious and gorgeous friend Lacey. Two years ago in bible study we discovered that we had the same B-day and have had so much fun celebrating together for the past two years. We treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at GiGi's in downtown Youngsville. For those of you in WF, it's a must try. It's a very fun little Bistro with delicious food. I love you sweet sister!

This summer the Lord has graciously provided us with a membership to the Y. I can already tell that I have a little "fish" on my hands. She absolutely loves the pool and the people. The combination of both sends her little legs in high gear. It won't be long before she is kicking herself across the pool. Off to swim!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May Moments!

This was an extra special lunch and time of fellowship with my dear friend as they were bringing their time here to an end. Their family will be serving and loving the people of the nations across the waters. Thank you sweet sister for challenging me through your life to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

We had a little pool party the day before they left. Here are two of her precious girls with Lily. As you can see Miss Pris chose to sun bathe instead of swim, b/c the water was a little to cold for her liking. Our dear friends the Dobbs invited our family to join them during their week at Topsail beach, but Michael just couldn't get away with all the school work and sermon preperations that was on his plate. So, he told me just to go and have a girls day...what a sweetie! The plan was for Lily and I to drive over for the day and come back, but the next morning he surprised me by telling me that he decided that he wanted to watch Lily, so I could have a little mini retreat. A treat it was! Lauren and I had an especially great time walking the beach and spurring each other on in our relationship with Jesus. Thanks Dobbs for your incredible hospitality...I love your family!Before heading home with thier beautiful "multitude" (minus one) as Lauren would call them.We love birthday's! Here we are at lily's little friend Ingrid's, celebrating her 1st birthday!At the end of May, bathtime became much more intresting as she has learned to abandon her bath mat and pull up on the side of the tub! Got to love all the excitement bathtime can bring!
Bye Bye