Galatians 2:20

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A few weeks ago we were able to travel south and visit with friends and family. We spent over 2 weeks, so you know that means...tons of pictures! One reason it's taken me so long to post, is because if I'm uploading more that a few pictures it takes fooorrreevvveeerrr...HELP friends! I would love any helpful hints to speed up the process.
We had such a great time of fellowship and Lily always seems to save her "firsts" for GA. We walked into get her up from one of her afternoon naps and didn't find her laying down, but instead SITTING UP with one of the biggest grins!Our first stop was to see Granny & Granddaddy (Michael's parents), where Lily made a "new best friend." I'm not so sure if the feelings are mutual on the other end though. Bandit, their white cat, had a 9 month fan club and got more attention than he ever desired I'm afraid. Lily definitely kept him well groomed as she would have chunks of white fur in her little hands every time she got a hold of him. She reminded me of Alf (remember that show)? Poor Bandit doesn't have a clue as to the torture that will be coming his way as soon as she can go on her own.

Driving with granddaddy on the plantation!

Lily in her "kinni" that her Nonni actually bought for her before she was born. Sad to say, but this was a one time wear only b/c it's already too snug around her little hammies! Oh, and for those of you who saw her cool little activity pool in the previous post, we took that one back and this is pool # 2 (princess pool with a canopy). We really liked the first one, but a heads up for any of you who have considered buying it. In order to keep it inflated you have to leave your water running all the time. Of course that's just not feasible on a seminary budget, so we returned it and went with the princess castle. Nice and shaded with a canopy...for the royal highness!

Lily's great-grandmother, MaMa, came over to visit and watch Lily swim.
Thanks to her nerdy Uncle "T" and Aunt Carole, Lily would much rather see the world upside down these days!
I love these chunky monkey legs. Don't they make you smile!?
After a week at Michael's parents we headed further south to see my family. As soon as we got there the fellas & Lily suited up and got in the pool. This was Lily's first time in a real pool...she loved it! Not so fond of Mr. floaty frog though, she would rather have the "Mommy and Daddy float!"
Can't you tell that life is so hard and Miss Lily is just "suffering" out by the pool as she tries out her personal pool furniture that her Nonni surprised her with.

It was a blessing to be able to visit with my sweet sisters Emily, Carol, and Tara. This is the first time that our children have been able to get together and play, so they had such a great time.
Emily and Lily
This Ellie Scott, Emily's little girl who is about to turn ONE. The cool part is that we share the same birthday! I will never forget last year when Emily called me from the hospital only an hour after delivering Ellie Scott to wish me happy birthday...completely impressed and blessed!
The is my friend Carol and her adorable son Walker. He was the only boy in the bunch, but he didn't seem to mind!
Best friend Tara and her precious son Daniel.

My brother Clint and I have birthday's two weeks apart, so while we were home together as a family my mom threw an early birthday celebration dinner. Here are some family shots!

Lily loves her Uncle Clint and Aunt Sarah. Uncle Clint never fails to keep her entertained as he impresses her with all his dance're sooo cool Uncky Clint!


The best for last! This picture cracks me up...I've questioned before if I should really claim him! Just kidding Padre! My dad has always tried to claim that his granddaughters good looks are a resemblance of himself and that she should have been named in his honor. After I share with you the name he HIGHLY recommended, we thought we would be ever soo generous to let some of you who are looking for a girls name, fight over it. My dad's name is Clinton and the suggested name was Clintet...just beautiful huh! So here you are, Lily's look alike...Papa!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 MONTHS as a Georgia Peach!

That's right, on Thursday, April 7th our little "Punkin Tators" turned 9 months!!! The past 9 month have been soo much fun, full of soo much joy, but have also flown by way too fast! It's so hard to believe that our little girl is getting Soo big! We look at her with amazement everyday and can only praise the Lord for His Greatness! I have to be honest, this is somewhat of a hard post of celebration for me. For some reason the other milestone months didn't affect me as much as this one has...9 is just a big number and it also makes 3 months from her 1st birthday seem way to soon...crazy huh! I told her on Thursday that I was seriously considering purchasing as deep freezer, so I could just freeze her little self! :)
We're in GA visiting our families this week, so this little GA Peach had a big 9 month day on the plantation at her Granny and Granddaddy's playing with the horses. She had no fear standing and sitting on their backs, but when it came to a face-to-face encounter she would only play a game of peek-a-boo with them over my shoulder.
Miss Lily is now eating solids and loves them all! She actually had her first big southern breakfast on Mother's day(one that my papa would say could "stick to your ribs"!)...grits, eggs, french toast, buttered toast, and a wee little piece of bacon...mmm mmm good! She is also sitting up like such a big girl. In the past two weeks she started standing and you can tell by the big grin she gives that she is soo proud of herself. Her favorite toys are her blocks. She loves to sit and "patty cake" them together. We are so very blessed to have such a sweet, content, and happy girl who is so excited about life! Okay, enough mushing and onto the pictures! Happy 9 Months Lily!
That afternoon Lily splashed around in the activity pool granny surprised her with...soo cool!
The "end!"