Galatians 2:20

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sugar Baby!!!

Okay, so this is basically a post confession! On Wed. morning Lily woke up with a very deep raspy cough a long with a very runny nose, and was just pitiful! My "smiley head", which is what her Papa calls her, definitely wasn't smiling and it just broke my heart. So, I took her to see the Dr. and she said that she had the beginning stages of croup...poor baby! So off we went to Target to pick up a humidifier for her room to hopefully help break up all of that nasty congestion. Okay, so whoever makes it out of Target with only the things on their list!? Well, lets just say a "couple" of boxes of Peeps made their way into the cart (we were simply thinking about daddy...what sweet girls we are). If anyone knows me, you know I have NO self discipline when it involves sweets! So, did I break into the Peeps after we checked out or before...Oh, it's a Lewis rule that you always break into one of your sweet items while you're standing in line! So there I was popping some Peeps as Lily just stared at me miserably! I thought, well sugar always makes me about a Peep Lily!? Sure enough, she mustard up her first smile between her sugar licks...she was lovin it! On one hand I felt terrible for feeding her such junk food, but on the other I was a happy mom to see her perk up, but only minutes later was a really sad about the whole idea when I was strolling a very sticky blue covered little girl out to the car. She decided not only to eat it, but wear it from head to toe too! Lets just say we had to completely strip when we got home. I wish I would have captured her Peep eating self at Target, but the camera wasn't on me. So we reinacted for daddy when he got home. Two Peeps a day...keeps the dr. away!!!

See, you would never know she was sick. Two Peeps a day...keeps the Dr. away!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Happy Birthday to you...cha cha cha, Happy Birthday to you...cha cha cha, Happy Birthday to Granddaddy, HAAAPPPYYY BIIIRRRTTTHHHDAYYY TOOOOOO YYYYOOOOUUUUU...cha cha cha! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Visit!

Granddaddy and Granny came to visit this past weekend and we had such a great time! Of course when grandparents come in town that means...spoiling! Lily loved all the extra attention, but I don't think the grandparents had any trouble giving it! We love ya'll!

I can see it now...Granddaddy's futuristic fishing buddy!

One Saturday, Granddaddy insisted that he treat Lily to some ice cream! So we tried out the little ice cream shop in downtown WF called Alamode...such a fun place! They serve Gelato ice cream, which was our first and it was very delish!
This was Lily's first initial reaction, but don't let this face fool ya...she loved it! Banana was her fav.!

I'm not sure how much Granny and Granddaddy got to eat of their ice cream, b/c Lily's mouth stayed permanently open always ready for more!
At their ice cream bar these saddles served as their cute! As soon as Granddaddy put her on the saddle she acted like she knew exactly what to do, b/c she immediately started bouncing up and down...giddy up horsey!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


And LOTS of them!!! Today Lily got a special package from my mom and her Nonni! My dear friend Audra in my hometown has started a kids consignment called Happy Kids. My mom went this weekend and lets just say she was a very successful shopper...but to be honest she's never had a problem in this area! I get it honest...especially when we have a chance to get a bargain! Seriously, the box was like a Mary Poppins box...they just kept coming! I was forewarned by my dad in the background the other night while I was talking to my mom on the phone. He was yelling..."she got thousands!" Thank you soo much mom for spoiling us!

Miss Lily amongst all her new outfits!

Surprise B-day Lunch!

Today is Andi's b-day and since she and her family will be leaving us in 5 weeks to church plant in DC, we had to make this one extra special! So you know what that calls for....SURPRISE!!! Happy Birthday Andi!

Miss Lily, one of the many little birthday guest! I still can't get over that she is sitting in a big girl highchair!
Okay, so I just had to post this one of Miss Laney. No, her mommy didn't bring her to the party sporting this do! This is actually compliments of Lily's styling efforts. Poor Laney was sitting next to Lily, so Lily took it upon herself to yank out Laney's pigtails and...wha laa! But isn't she such a doll!?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Giraffe girl!

Here is my little cutie patootie in her giraffe robe and playing the part so well...on all fours and look at that face!

Monday, March 16, 2009


This past Saturday it was a blessing to be able to give not only one baby shower, but 2!!! And on top of those showers, the Lord sent His showers from above! Well, actually He's been sending it down for 3 days straight! But what a sweet reminder that our heavenly Father knows exactly what we need even before we know that we have a need. He is so worthy of ALL our praise! So lets just say we were shower happy this weekend! What a true joy to be able to celebrate with 2 dear friends the precious little lives the Lord has so graciously blessed them with. Can't wait to meet these masterpiece boys!

Big shower hostesses along with the "little" shower helpers and Mom-to-Be!
Bekah (sister), Trichelle, April, Lauren, Miss Ella, Me, & Miss Lily
April (Soon to be mom of baby boy Salem) & Lily!
Dear friend Dawn Beck

Dear friend Lauren Dobbs

Our second shower was for our sweet friend Lindsey Isham who is awaiting the arrival of Griffin Jonah Isham. Sorry Lindsey, I didn't get any pictures b/c little Miss Lily wasn't sure a happy camper.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Look!!! No hands!

Such a Big girl!!! We've been working with Lily on sitting up, but could never make it past a few seconds without her using both hands in front to brace herself before she would slide down into a taco! She just didn't seem to be in any hurry. Well, last night she gradually tested the "waters" of no hands and to all of our surprise she was balancing all by herself. She is also sitting up this go Lily Lew! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Thank you Aunt Terri for the blocks, they're her favorite!

Breakfast date!

Our neighbor and dear dear friend came down for breakfast this week. Lily just adores Megan! Wed. morning was Lily's first time trying yogart. It was hysterical b/c Lily started sticking her tongue out like a Lizard, so Megan played right along with her.

Doesn't Megan have the most radiant smile!

Sweet Fellowship!

One of my dearest sisters in the Lord Stephanie Wilson came over to visit with us. Our time together is always so blessed...we love you Steph!

Two of my special girls!

Sayde Elizabeth Craft!

Our dear friends Joey and Page Craft had their precious girl Sayde, on March 3rd. I got to visit them in the hospital and do a little photo shoot with the princess herself and her beautiful family. Here they are! Congratulations Crafts...we love you!

The Craft family of 3!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning Walk!

We have been loving our early morning walks this week with our neighbor friends. So excited that we've had to pull out the sun hat b/c the weather has been so hot and gorgeous. Here's my precious little walking buddy!

Happy 7 months Lily!

On Saturday we walked over to the playground so Michael could push Lily in the swing for the 1st time and then we headed over to Falls Lake to walk the trails. We had such a wonderful time being together as a family. Here's our 7 month blessing!

Of course Daddy had to turn her hat backwards....soo cool!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Toothless Wonder!

A few nights ago Michael and I had so much fun playing with Lily and finding all of her tickle spots. She got so tickled that she would throw her head back and squeal. She was laying on my lap, so I got a lot of great "gummy" shots! Just love my toothless girl!

All tickeld out!